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We fill operator
voids…with ROBOTS.

Our average payback is under 9 months

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Robot Integration

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Complete Process

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Observe and discuss current workflow manufacturing process



● Design automated process with best ROI
● Utilized most advanced technology available
● Create custom tooling and fixturing



Whiteboard automation ideas



● We build as much of the new process in line, test and debug the entire process before installation
● This minimizes downtime in your production facility which equals more money in your pocket



Manufacture modular mobile skids, tooling, and fixturing



● Install the complete line to turn key status
● Train all employees and ensure quality production
● Integrate robots and entire process with existing equipment within the facility


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We design the complete process and each component needed to do your task from begging to end. If all you want is a design, we do that. If you want the design and build, we do that. If you want the design, build, and install, we can do that. 


By using other “off the shelf” technology from reputable suppliers, we can design a complete machine or process with a high confidence level of functionality and feasibility. After all our designs are created, we do a in depth safety analysis of the entire system to ensure safety is number 1 for the operators. 


We can design and build a process from packaging bags of food product all the way to building custom airplane windows!


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We can integrate a single robot to a single machine,

or multiple robots to an entire process. With new technologies in the robotic industry, we can install a robot and have your employees trained and running production in a single day. Whether you want to integrate automation to a CNC mill, CNC lathe, Robot,

or any other machine, we can come up with some solution to fit your needs.

  • CNC mill center machine tending

  • CNC lather center machine tending

  • CNC polisher machine tending

  • Welding robots

  • Grinding robots

  • Sanding robots


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We can customize a tooling or fixture design to fit your manufacturing process. Fixtures can be customized to fit your welding, assembly, painting, or any manufacturing application where you need consistent placement repeatability. Pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical technologies can be utilized to create fixtures that are most ergonomic and functional for your application. 

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Do you need help meeting your manufacturing goals? We can help run your production through our manufacturing shop. Whether you need specialty parts run periodically or you need mass volumes of parts ran consistently, we can help you meet your demands. Our shops specialty is

  • Stainless Welding Fabrication

  • TIG, MIG, and Stick Welding

  • Portable TIG and Stick Welders

  • CNC Plasma Cutting

  • CNC Laser Cutting

  • Mill Work, Drill Press, and Metal Lathe

  • Brake Press for Bending and Shaping

  • Shears for Perfectly Clean Cuts

  • General Welding Repairs

  • Stainless Steel Process Pipe

  • Food Grade Pipe and Equipment

  • Bulk Storage and Transport

Send us your part/model now and get a quote fast!

(will get back with you in 24 hours)

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With our staff of highly trained engineers, we can generate CAD models of your machine(s) and give your real time renders for you to understand what it will be like. With the CAD models, we are able to animate the motion, and analyze any failure points within the machine. By modeling and entire process, we are able to plan out the installs much more precisely and efficiently equating to far less downtime for your manufacturing production. 




We work with integrity to share automation with the community.


We never give up.


We are driven by a passion for finding the best solutions.


The constant curiosity of 
a driven team powers our innovations.



Stamp Skid

A dual robot skid that operates stamped parts on a hydraulic press. The first robot pulls the stamped part

and places it into the former. The second robot pulls the finished part off the former and places it into a finished pallet.

stamp skid.png
Press Brake Skid.png

Press Brake Skid

A single robot that operates a press brake by taking raw parts, bending them, and palletizes the finished part. The raw parts are on an interchangeable pallet that can be pre loaded andswapped out with a new part in seconds.

Robot Grinding Cell

A robotic skid designed specifically for a customer to be able to grind and polish parts. The skid has 2 bays to allow for the operator to replace a finished part while the robot operates on the second part. As they both finish, the bay doors swap and the operator is able to work on the second part and vice versa.

Robot Grinding Cell.png
Large Press Brake Cell.png

Large Press Brake Cell

Large robots are used to handle large customer parts

in front of a press brake. The Robot picks up large raw material, places in a regrip and placement station, operates in the press brake, and then palletizes the finished product onto a pallet.

Dual Robotic Paint Booth

A robot on a 7th axis rail across the ceiling can pull simple parts off a cart and bring it to the second robot. While the first robot holds the part, the second robot sprays the part with the application and then the part is placed back onto the part. This Skid is equipped with cart bays to allow AGV’s (automated guided vehicle) to bring the carts to and from the skid as needed.

Dual Robotic Paint Booth.png
Dual robot machine tending skid.png

Dual Robot Machine Tending Skid

This robot on a 7th axis rail pulls parts from the mobile carts and places them into a CNC machine. As the parts are finished, the robot places the parts onto a finished cart for a AGV (automated guided vehicle) to replace the cart with a raw part cart.

Trusted Partners


Minnesota Automation Loan Participation Program

This program aims to assist businesses in Minnesota in adopting automation technologies to enhance productivity and competitiveness. 


Our Story

The Way Automation was formed to address a problem in the industry.  We recognized that the labor shortage is not only causing issues for manufacturers, but also robotic integrators.  

With that, we saw an opportunity to offer services to those that seek to take their integration to the next level.  Backed by project management, robotic, and manufacturing experience, we set out to offer those services across the US to see more automation projects succeed.

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